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Since the brand was founded, Ujoy has quickly become one of the most popular and well-respected mobile game developers.In order to bring greater gaming experience for all players,we focus on well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Ujoy has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception. We have Asia’s top technical talents and marketing group with rich experiences, making Ujoy be able to walk in and continue to enhance the development in this area.
Ujoy representatives entertainment experience we provide, also permeate the entire corporate culture.We rigorous, careful, cheerful deal with each problem, we are pleasant to accept the most sincere advice, so that we could improve the quality of our work for players to provide better products and services. Each apartment work together for the effort to creat the ultimate entertainment experience for the players, your satisfaction is our constant goal.
Business Cooperation
As southeast Asia’s leading mobile gaming platform, we have a huge user resources; We has a mature pipeline to promote the games . We are willing to cooprate with you and game development companies and studios. Email:co@37.com
Media and business cooperation
All the coopertation and communication from large media websites are welcome. Email:mk@37.com
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