Privacy Policy of Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ

Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ platform promises to respect and preserve the online privacy of each user. You may know how Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ collect, use and protect the personal information you provide after reading the following privacy policy of Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ carefully. Since the policy may be updated at any time, please check it regularly.
1. The reasons why Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ collect personal information
(1) Verify the identities of Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ users
You will be required to offer the personal information such as email, name, sex, address when you register Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ members.
(2) Used for Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ services and support
You will be asked to offer the personal information such as name, related credential of identity, email, address, game ID when you take part in the Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ online activities or web surveys.
(3) Post articles and replies in the forum
Your personal information such as email, user ID, IP address, service time will be collected when you post articles or replies in the forum.
(4) Do data statistics in order to provide better service
The information that is related to service may be used for comprehensive statistics and analysis. By doing this, Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ can formulate the contents that are suitable for users and thus improve the user experience.
(5) Others
In addition to what were mentioned above, Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ will reserve the related records generated when you browse or search on the server which include the IP address, the time you use it, browsing history.
2. The application of the collected information
(1) The collected information including names, ID numbers will be only used for identity
verification while the information including phone numbers, emails, addresses will only be used to inform the users of the results and be used for analysis.
(2) The policy of sharing personal information with the third party
The included third parties are chiefly as follows:
A.The Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ employees who received formal training on handling user information and are authorized.
B.The third party service providers that provide support services. These service providers are bound by the terms of the contract to abide by the privacy policies listed in this text.
C.Any person to whom Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ is required to reveal the information according to the corresponding laws, governmental or regulatory requirements.
D.The organizations with which you trade via Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ platform such as online shops, banks, or other financial institutes.
3. The application and corresponding policy of Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ Cookies
Cookies are brief information that are recorded into the users’ hard disk in order to distinguish among the users’ preference. We may collect users information via Cookies, which will help users to visit our website more efficiently.
4. Data Protection
We protect the collected information and take measures to prevent any unauthorized persons or parties from accessing or using the information. In order to ensure the security of electronic communication, Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ uses the thorough security statute for identification and authorization. In spite of this, we are not responsible for any person or party that breach the security statute, reveal or use the information without authorization.
5. Note when you post
Any corner on the Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ platform can be searched by others if they can enter it. Therefore, if you reveal your personal information in any accessible place on our platform without authorization, we are not responsible.
6. Self-protection
You should keep your account, password or any other personal information properly. Be sure to keep in mind not to provide others with any personal information especially your password. Make sure that you log out after you finish shopping or end games. If you share your computer with others or use the public computers, do forget to close the browser window so that your personal information won’t be disclosed.
7. The period of retaining information
User’s personal information will be retained for a certain period to attain the specific objective.
8. Update of Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy will be updated when Truyền Thuyết Thanh Khâu Hồ provides new functions or services. The corresponding notification will be released before we update.
9. Consultancy
If you have any questions, please feel free to contract our online customer service.